Friday, September 17, 2010

SLC Punk, a film about a punk, or something

SLC Punk (1999)
Jamal's Rating: 3 stars
Netflix Average Rating: 3.7 stars

Matthew Lillard plays a great punk, he has that manic energy and dead-eyed piercing gaze, but then he can be a real sweetheart too. Here, he and Michael Goorjian are anarchists living in the tamest of all places, Salt Lake City, and the movie is about, well, their lives. Not a lot of direction as far as story goes, but Matthew has to make a decision whether he wants to stay a punk, meaning no rules/marriage/family/career/etc, or to give it up to lead a more normal life. No doubt Matthew Lillard is charismatic: he goes on what seems like an impromptu spiel about "why I love this chick" at a party, and he has great rapport with the camera (he narrates in person to the audience, and it's pretty effective in that I learned some things about the anarchist philosophy). Around the 1:11 mark he spills his heart to his buddy about the town they live in, and it's compelling, wonderful drama. I just have one problem, and it's not the movie. Just want to know, why the FUCK does Netflix list the director and not the writer on all their movie listings?!

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