Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homegrown, stoner comedy is too concerned to be funny

Homegrown (1998)
Jamal's Rating: 2 stars
Netflix Average Rating: 3.3 stars

What a disappointment! I really was expecting more from the hilarious Simpson's voice Hank Azaria teamed with Billy Bob Thornton. But it's mostly these characters squabbling with each other. The powerfully vibrant John Lithgow also is reduced to a bit player here in a forgettable role. I saw this movie about two months back and, much like a braindead stoner, I don't remember one thing from it other than a vague recollection of Kelly Lynch getting naked and hitting on Ryan Phillippe. It was that boring. Also disappointing, I was busy typing the Cheech & Chong review earlier when Windows 7 decided it was gonna up and restart with no warning in order to install updates. I lost the review and had to start from the beginning. Not a big deal, but why so impatient Microsoft? What's up with that?

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