Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harmony and Me, cute and funny indie without a lot of drive

Harmony and Me (2009)
Jamal's Rating: 3 stars
Netflix Average Rating: 2.7 stars

I am reviewing this film while half-way through watching it and it's on in the background now. It won't matter much if I miss some parts; while Harmony and Me is deeper than just one tone, it doesn't range past the octave. Justin Rice plays this college-age kid who seems pretty comfortable in his own skin, intelligent, and yet is unhappy and morose since his girlfriend dumped him. She still cares about him, but her compassion has its limits; when he eats an old box of chocolates she once gave him, he is rushed to the hospital, and a week later she shows up at his hospital room with another of the same box of chocolates, saying "I came as soon as I could". The writing is superb, but the direction and acting leave a little to be desired. Sometimes during a funny scene, such as an awkward chance encounter between Justin and his girlfriend in an elevator, the actors seem to be repressing their laughs, making the awkwardness just... less awkward. It doesn't have the dry, confident-in-its-melancholia spark of a Wes Anderson flick it seems to be going for, but the film is still funny in a fly-by-night, film school production kind of way.

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